Work in your area

Works notices are issued to inform you about road closures and impacts of construction.

COVID-19 update

Following the government directive, we’re stopping all of our non-essential capital works. This helps keep our contractors, staff and communities safe and to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This includes all Transport and Three Waters projects such as the Lyttelton Harbour Wastewater Project, Victoria Street upgrade and 40 community facilities projects such as the Thomas Edmonds Band Rotunda, the St Albans Community Centre and the Travis Wetlands board walks.

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Thanks for your patience as we work in your area. Use the map or list below to find out more about current works in Christchurch being carried out by the Council. Other agencies, including utility providers, may also be carrying out work in your area. Visit the NZTA roadworks map(external link) for more information on works that may be happening near you.

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Warden Street Reconstruction

A full reconstruction of Warden Street between Petrie Street and Hills Road.This work includes new drainage, footpaths, road pavements, kerb and channels and berms, as well as relocation of services where necessary.

Belfast Cemetery - Development Works Update

We are undertaking development works at the Belfast Cemetery that includes shallow earthworks to enable archaeological assessment of the site, as previous works had identified some archaeological history. To meet the requirements of the consents for the work with in the cemetery.

Malvern Park Fitness Equipment

Council is installing new fitness equipment. This is stage one that has four pieces of gym style equipment

Planned Works

Installation of a New Guard Rail.

Sub Main Renewal FY20/21

We're replacing water sub-main pipes which are part of the Annual Renewals Project.