Work in your area

Works notices are issued to inform you about road closures and impacts of construction.

Thanks for your patience as we work in your area. Use the map or list below to find out more about current works in Christchurch being carried out by the Council. Other agencies, including utility providers, may also be carrying out work in your area. Visit the NZTA roadworks map(external link) for more information on works that may be happening near you.

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Sumner Sewer Renewals

The renewal of several of the sewer mains in Sumner adjacent to St Leonards Park.

Flockton Wastewater Renewals

We’re replacing a wastewater pipe which is part of the Flockton Wastewater Renewal Project.

Well-head Upgrades on Sydenham Pump Station - Update

Christchurch City Council and our Contractors are working to upgrade the well heads located at the Milton Street site, inside the Citycare yard so the local Sydenham pump station can supply safe drinking water.

Mary Dixon Park - Park Improvements

We are undertaking entrance way improvements to Mary Dixon Park including footpath, landscaping, and associated footpath works.