This licence allows a club to sell alcohol for drinking on club premises. Alcohol can only be sold to club members, a guest accompanied by a member and a member of another club with reciprocal visiting rights.

Apply for a club licence

View our handy step-by-step guide to getting an alcohol licence to make sure you've got everything covered. 

Download and complete a Club licence application form. Club licences are issued for one year (a probation year) and then normally renewed for three years.

All alcohol licence applications require a Certificate of Compliance for the premises. You must include this with your application.

Please read the checklist on the application form to make sure you include all the extra documents we need with your application.  Incomplete applications will be returned.

This application needs a lodgement meeting and cannot be submitted online.

View the working days specified in the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act that could affect application processing times. If your application is complete, there are no objections and all building requirements are met, club licences can normally be processed within four to six weeks.

Payment of fees

View alcohol licensing fees. The fees for processing your application are non-refundable and must be paid when you apply for your licence. Most alcohol licensing fees are set by regulations. Any fees set by Council are subject to annual review with any changes taking effect on 1 July each year.

You will need to have an invoice from us before you can make your payment. This will be provided to you when you file your application documents. 

Payments can be made by cash or EFTPOS/credit card at a service desk or by internet banking. Internet banking payment account and reference details can be found on your invoice. For internet banking you will need to provide proof of payment that includes confirmation of the payment details (e.g. a screenshot of the completed transaction).

We can only process your applications once we have both the proof of payment of fees and the required application form and documents.

Note: As banks are phasing cheques out, we will no longer be able to accept payments by cheque after 30 April 2021. For other payment options please contact a Technical Officer in the Alcohol Licensing Team on 03 941 8999 or

View a summary of this page on the Alcohol licensing fees information sheet. [PDF, 98 KB]

Lodgement meeting

New licence applications are received through a lodgement meeting. You will need to make an appointment with an inspector to lodge your new licence application.

Who you can sell and supply alcohol to under a Club licence

Under a club licence, you can only sell alcohol to authorised customers.  This is a condition on all club licences. Please refer to our Club information sheet [PDF, 73 KB] and Club staff training reminder tool [PDF, 96 KB] for guidance.

A club licence is different from a tavern or function centre licence and does not allow the sale of alcohol to the general public. If a club wants to sell alcohol to the general public a special licence is required for a specific event.

The Health Promotion Agency (HPA) has some useful tools for clubs(external link), including signs that can be displayed on the bar for staff to use as a reference tool and guide.

Further information

You can now complete and submit Notice of Duty Manager Appointment/Change form online. 

These documents and links give more information about holding a club licence: