Most people like to have a drink when they celebrate a special occasion or socialise. Misuse of alcohol, however, can lead to social problems.

Make sure you're using the most up-to-date version of our application forms by downloading them from this website.

Christchurch City Council, the Police and Community and Public Health have a responsibility to control how alcohol is sold, supplied and consumed. Hosts, retailers and alcohol suppliers also need to ensure they and their staff have the right training and the correct licences so guests and customers can enjoy alcohol responsibly and within the law. 

Public notification of licence applications

Applications for alcohol licences (new, renewal, and variations) need to be notified to the public by publication of a public notice. From 16 April 2018 the public notices for all applications in the Christchurch City Council area (including Banks Peninsula) will be published on the public notice register.

Members of the public can object to an application for an alcohol licence in some cases. Find out how to object to an alcohol licence application or read our brochure: Alcohol Licensing in the Community [PDF, 1.1 MB].

Contact us 

If you require more information or assistance with licensing processes, or have a question or concern about an existing premises:

  • phone the Council Alcohol Licensing Team on 03 941 8999 and ask to talk to a Technical Officer
  • email
  • post to PO Box 73013 Christchurch.

Separate from objecting to a licence application there are other ways in which members of the community can contact Council to raise concerns or problems you may have with an existing licenced premises [PDF, 1.1 MB], such as noise, nuisance, vandalism or specific promotions.

Updates for licensees

Check out the latest tri-agency newsletters  for updates and information for licensees.


Timelines and trading days

Defines working days and sacrosanct days that regulate time periods when you can apply for a licence and which days alcohol can be sold on licenced premises.

Alcohol licence fees

A schedule of fees relating to alcohol licensing applications and renewals.

Objecting to a grant of a licence

Members of the public can object to an application for an alcohol licence in some cases.

Host responsibility and alcohol promotions

Creating a responsible drinking environment and looking out for your customers.

Supplying food

Business with on-licences or club licences must have food available whenever they are open and selling alcohol.

Alcohol licence public notification

Applications for alcohol licences (new and renewal) must be notified to the public.

Alcohol bans

It is illegal to drink alcohol in public places in certain areas of Christchurch. This helps to keep our city safe and welcoming.

Christchurch tri-agency group newsletter

Latest information for alcohol licensees and duty managers.

Alcohol Policy

Informational on the Christchurch Provisional Local Alcohol Policy and Central City Map

District Licensing Committee

DLC commissioners, hearings information and decisions.

Annual Reports to ARLA

Christchurch DLC Annual Reports to the Alcohol Licensing Regulatory Authority (ARLA) in Wellington.