Each year every Council is required to provide an annual report on the proceedings and operations of its District Licensing Committee (DLC) to the Alcohol Regulatory Licensing Authority (ARLA) for the period ending 30 June.

ARLA is the overarching national body setup to ensure that the law for Alcohol licensing is fairly applied.  For more information about ARLA(external link) and its role see the information on the Health Promotion Agency web page.  

The TLA's (Territorial Local Authority's)(Council's) annual report for ARLA follows a required format, advised by Alcohol Regulatory Licensing Authority (ARLA), and includes:

  • Overview of TLA's District Licensing Committee work load
  • District Licensing Committee Alcohol Licensing Secretariat and Inspectorate initiatives
  • Local Alcohol Policy update
  • Legislation update
  • Other Council alcohol related work updates
  • Statistical information.

These reports are produced by the Team Leader for Alcohol Licensing for The Secretary, Christchurch TLA District Licensing Committee.

Each report is adopted by the Christchurch City Council and can also be found on the agendas for Council general meetings, usually in September of each year.

For more information about ARLA (external link)see the information on the Health Promotion Agency website.

Annual reports