Getting the information you need before you buy or develop a property, or change its use.

Zoning and planning rules

Current zones and rules for properties are set out in the Christchurch District Plan. If you want to build or make changes to your property, including how you use your property, use the District Plan property search(external link) to find out which zones or features relate to a property (such as flood management areas), and then go to the plan(external link) to find out whether what you want to do is permitted under the plan or if it requires a resource consent. 

Get in touch with us at if you have any queries about the District Plan provisions.

It's important anyone considering developing or renting out a property for short-term guest accommodation – for example, through Airbnb – is aware of the rules for different zones in the District Plan. Find out more about the rules for short-term guest accommodation.

Property reports

We can help with information if you're looking to buy a home or land, looking to develop your property, and change its usage.

Land Information Memorandum (LIM)

If you are planning to buy, sell or develop a property, you can request a LIM  to find out the relevant data the Council holds for that property. LIM information is also useful if you’re applying for a building or resource consent.

Property file

If you are considering buying a property, applying for building consent or resource consent, or for insurance claim purposes, you can request a copy of a property file. The information contained within each property file varies.

A property file might include: Completed consent application forms, drainage plans relating to consented work, copies of plans and specifications, code compliance certificates, project Information Memoranda (PIMs), planning reports, resource consent decisions, associated documents, property inspection reports and historic land information memorandums (LIMs).

Geotechnical reports

If you are building on bare land, you may need a geotechnical report. This report lists site conditions, design and construction recommendations. There may already be a geotechnical report on the property file. If you are buying a property file to see a geotechnical report, note this on the request form. If there is no geotechnical report on the file, you can arrange one through a geotechnical engineer.

Contaminated land environment

Canterbury's listed land use register(external link) identifies sites where hazardous activities and industries have been located throughout Canterbury.

Property valuation and rates

You can find out the rateable valuation (or capital valuation) for a property and current rates information with this property search.

Things to do yourself:

  • arrange finance and insurance
  • get a property inspection or building report
  • get a registered market valuation (often needed for a mortgage).

Research school zones, hospitals, transport and parks

Moving in to your new home and beyond

Once you move into your new home, you will need to find out: