If you are planning to buy, sell, or develop a property you can request a LIM to find out information Christchurch City Council has on file for that property.

Check when your LIM is due to be issued

View today's LIM processing report [PDF, 132 KB].

If your LIM is not showing in the report after two working days, email dutybco@ccc.govt.nz , or call 941-8999.

A LIM report is required to be processed within 10 working days and includes any information relevant under section 44a of the LGOIMA Act 1987.

This may include information such as:

Building, consents and activity licences information Land, property-related information and services
List of building permits and consents, code compliance certificates and warrants of fitness, swimming pool fence compliance etc. Special characteristics of the land and buildings including protected buildings and trees, historic buildings, potential contamination and flooding areas.
Notified information under section 124 of the Weathertight Homes Resolution Services Act 2006. Information about drinking water supply, sewer and/or stormwater utility services.
List of land-use resource consents within 100m. Rates and water information and outstanding charges, rateable valuation data.
Other registrations and licences. Refuse and recycling collection information.
Canterbury earthquakes information related to placards issued. Other land information the authority considers relevant.

We recommend you use our online application form(external link) to order a LIM.

If you are unable to apply electronically, you can download the LIM application form [PDF, 146 KB] or fast track LIM application form [PDF, 148 KB].

You can email these forms to ccclims@ccc.govt.nz , take them to a Council service desk service desk or post to: LIMs Team, Christchurch City Council, PO Box 73013, Christchurch 8154.

Additional information may be available on the residential property file. You can request this on the LIM form (there is an additional fee for this).

Refer to Regulatory and property information fee schedule to view our fees and charges.

You can pay the fee when you submit your LIM application, or charge it to your LIM account, which is invoiced each month.  To set up a LIM account, phone the accounts receivable team on 03 941 8999.

If you would like to pay for the LIM via credit card, please include your name and contact phone number when you submit the form, and the team will call you to process the charge.

Please do not include any credit card details in an email.

To upgrade from a standard LIM to a fast track, complete the cancel or upgrade a LIM application online. If you have already paid the standard LIM fee you will be contacted to pay the difference prior to your fast track being processed.

You can cancel a LIM application at any time however there is a cancellation fee if the LIMs team have begun work on it. Refer to the Regulatory and property information fees schedule.

If you have already paid, we will refund you the LIM fee minus any applicable cancellation fee. 

A property file may contain additional useful information. You can request this information on your LIM application or request the property file separately. 

The property file fee is additional to the LIM fee and will be charged at the digitised property file fee rate.

By ordering a residential property file at the same time as the LIM application you agree to the following:

I understand I will be sent the property file information by a sharefile link attached to the email that also contains the LIM report.

I understand if I order a fast track LIM with a property file that is not already in electronic form, this may delay my fast track LIM.

The Council has conducted a historical flooding research report and mapping project for Akaroa Harbour settlement study areas [PDF, 8.4 MB].


For more information about LIMs, contact the Council: