Sport & recreation projects

Sport and Leisure

Metro Sports Facility

The premium destination for the city’s sporting and recreational activity, accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

New Brighton Legacy Project

A hot saltwater pool complex on the New Brighton shore.

Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub

Ngā Puna Wai Reserve, beside the Canterbury Agricultural Park, is the site of a new sports hub for Christchurch.

Hornby Library, Customer Services and Leisure Centre

A new Hornby Library, Customer Services and Leisure Centre is planned for the growing south west community.

The Stadium

Multi-functional stadium to cater for a range of recreational activities, particularly large-scale spectator events.

The Square

A place for people to relax, meet friends, enjoy a meal or drink, and be entertained.

Lancaster Park

Deconstruction of the badly-damaged Lancaster Park stadium is due to begin in mid-2018.

Linwood/Woolston Pool

A new indoor swimming pool is planned for the Linwood/Woolston community.