Rates reductions, remissions, rebates and relief.

Rates rebate: low income earners

You could get a rates reduction as part of the Government's rate rebate scheme to provide assistance towards rates for low income earners.

Rates relief: earthquake affected residents

Christchurch City Council has adopted a range of rates relief packages aimed at helping residents and property owners worst-affected by the earthquakes.

Rates remission: flood affected residents

The Council will stop charging rates for properties which are uninhabitable due to damage caused by the 5 March 2014 and subsequent flooding events.

Rates remission: properties affected by slope stability

Rates remissions may be available if your property is at risk of rockfall or cliff collapse, mass movement or have unsafe access or retaining wall issues.

Rates remission: sewer system pumps

If you have had a low pressure pump installed on your property since the 2010/11 Canterbury earthquakes you may be eligible for a rates remission.

Rates remission: community organisations

Rates remissions may be available to properties owned and used by not-for-profit community or sports organisations.