Rates and valuations

CCC Rates and valuations

Rates and valuation search

Search for a property's rates and valuation details.

Setting rates

The Council’s Annual Plan or Long Term Plan lays out work for the year ahead, how much this will cost, and the total amount of rates needed to pay for it.

This year's rates

Find out how your rates bill has changed in 2017/18.

Setting valuations

Christchurch City Council rates are largely allocated on the basis of property rating values.

Change of property ownership

If you're a ratepayer, you need to notify us if your details change. This is so we can ensure rates demands are sent to the correct person responsible for rates payments.

Where the money goes

Where the Council's money comes from, what we spend it on, and how much is paid for by your rates.

Solicitors request for information

Use this form to request rating information for property settlement.