Rates are our biggest source of income. Ratepayers receive an invoice for rates, payable in quarterly or monthly instalments.

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Sign up to get your rates invoice by email(external link) before 1 December 2021.

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Receive your rates invoice by email

You'll need a copy of your latest rates invoice to get started.

The money we earn from rates, helps us maintain the city and provide services. It funds our infrastructure - roads, footpaths and pipes for water supply and wastewater disposal, and amenities such as parks, libraries and recreation centres.

Rates amount to about half of our total funding each financial year. Other funding comes from government grants (particularly for roads and cycleways), fees and charges, dividends from Council-owned companies and borrowing. Learn more.

Rates are a property tax, so are paid irrespective of how much the ratepayer uses our services. However, some rates (particularly those for water and sewerage) are charged only to properties within our serviced areas. If your property is outside these areas, you will not be charged these rates. Find out how rates are calculated.

We set rates on 1 July each year and these apply until the end of the following June. We set your rates for the whole year, so any changes to your property (such as demolition or new building) won’t affect your rates until the following 1 July.

The first instalment invoice will include an assessment, showing the full amount payable over the whole year.

You can register(external link) to receive your rates invoice by email.  It’s quick, easy and secure.

You'll need your latest printed rates invoice to get started.

Once registered, your next rates invoice will be delivered by email, not by post. Rates invoices dated after October 2019 will be available online once you have registered.

This service is provided by our partner Saber. Terms of use(external link) and Privacy policy(external link) apply.

You can find your reference and document numbers on the front page of your invoice.

If you have questions or problems registering, please contact us or visit one of our service centres.

We assess rates for every property in the city each year.

We offer a range of payment options. If you want to pay your rates all at once, you can. Just ignore the first instalment invoice and pay the full amount due for the year when you receive the second invoice. There will be no late payment penalty for missing the due date for the first invoice.

When a payment due date falls on a public holiday or weekend, the next working day becomes the due date. 

Rates are a tax and must be paid as invoiced by the stated due date.  Unpaid amounts incur late payment charges

Direct debit

Apply online(external link), call us on 03 941 8999 or 0800 800 169 to get a form sent to you, or pick one up at one of our service centres

Automatic payments and internet banking

You can pay online by making a single payment or setting up a recurring automatic payment

If you use automatic payments, you will need to adjust the payment in July for the new rating year.

Credit card

Online using VISA or Mastercard. A surcharge applies. 


Call in at any of our service centres.

Please note that we can no longer accept payments by cheque.

Rates assistance

You may be able to apply for a rates rebate, postponement or remission. Find out more.