Waimairi Cemetery opened in 1909 and is approaching capacity.

Waimairi CemeteryGrahams Road (between Cranbrook Avenue and Gregan Street - backs onto Kendall Avenue School)(external link)

Map of the Waimairi Cemetery [PDF, 1.9 MB] 

The cemetery is available for casket and ash interments in pre purchased plots or second interments. The cemetery is divided into three distinct areas which are separated by the internal road. The older traditional monument style area with upright graves and the mausoleum at the front of the cemetery is defined by large mature flowering cherries and conifers. The memorial park style section in the middle of the cemetery has predominantly lower upright memorial style headstones. The lawn area at the rear of the cemetery is the newest area and has reclining ground level plaques on concrete beams.

There are ash plots available.

A public toilet located adjacent to the Grahams Road frontage is partially screened from the road by dense planting.

Further information on Waimairi Cemetery(external link).