Bromley Cemetery opened in 1918 because there was a need for burial places for the great number of victims of the influenza epidemic who perished in the last months of that year.

Bromley CemeteryEntrance off Linwood Avenue(external link) (cnr Keighleys and Linwood Avenue)

Map of the Bromley Cemetery [PDF, 1.1 MB]

Although it is approaching capacity it is still open for burials in pre purchased plots and second interments only. The cemetery is located on ancient dunes which are still partly visible along Keighley’s Road.

The cemetery is a typical traditional monumental cemetery and is laid out in a highly regimented north-south orientation allowing graves to face due east or west. Narrow mown grass paths bisect the graves breaking the ‘mass’ of headstones and grave coverings into smaller rectangular ‘blocks’. Tree planting is largely confined to the edges of the cemetery and along the main vehicle drive.

The majority of monuments tend to be lower and more conservative than other cemeteries, providing a more orderly appearance which is accentuated by the uniformity of the Services section. There are many Returned and Services Association (RSA) graves, predominantly Great War veterans. Also found here is a memorial for stillborn children and one of the few mausoleums in Christchurch.