Duvauchelle Cemetery is located on the hill just outside the settlement of Duvauchelle, at the head of the Akaroa Harbour Basin.

Duvauchelle CemeteryThe cemetery was opened in 1881 and is still open for casket and ash burials. The cemetery is enclosed by a well maintained macrocarpa hedge at the base of the slope. There are excellent views northwards over the whole harbour basin from the cemetery.

There are burial and ash plots available at Duvachelle Cemetery.

The cemetery is set out in long, level rows of back to back headstones. There are distinctive family areas in the cemetery however, there is no evidence of denominational division. The cemetery has a variety of headstones from Victorian style to more recent modern upright memorial headstones. Most of the headstones and covers are in good condition.

Several mature oak trees are randomly located throughout the cemetery.