Woodham Park comprises three major lawns, bordered by shrubs, and a variety of specimen trees in the English park style.

Woodham Park

The large collection of expansive mature trees include specimens of Daimio oak, trembling poplar, Chinese wingnut and slippery elm. The borders feature excellent examples of laurel and yew hedges, a variety of herbaceous plants interspersed with hydrangeas and camellias, and an outstanding collection of rhododendrons.

The Park boasts the only aviary operated by the City Council, housing specimens of Java sparrow, ring-necked dove, native and exotic parakeet, quail and various finches.

There is also a safe, sheltered children’s playground with paddling pool and extensive play area.

Woodham Park Wedding Location Map

Terms and conditions

For the ceremony:

  • A maximum of 12 chairs may be used for elderly or less mobile guests. Chairs with wide, flat bottomed tips only can be used.
  • A small portable stereo may be used - no amplified sound or music is allowed.
  • One glass of alcohol (in plastic glasses) may be served to guests for ceremonial toasting.
  • All people (includes photographers) must keep to the pathways and lawn areas and must not stand on or among any of the plant collections.

In keeping with the natural setting:

  • Marquees and other structures (including free standing umbrellas) are not permitted.
  • Items must not be attached to trees, buildings or other fixed structures and no decorations, balloons, rice, petals, birdseed or confetti are allowed.

To ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment:

  • No vehicles are permitted. Walking access only.
  • CCC by-laws apply across Woodham Park under all conditions. 


No refunds unless adverse weather conditions prevent your ceremony taking place. Under these circumstances, you must contact our call centre within 24hrs of your booking time. Ph: (03) 941 8999.

A fee of 10% will be charged to cover administration.

Imortant information

We advise all wedding and civil union ceremony and photo session parties to book alternative back-up wet weather venues.

Please note that as our garden and heritage parks are public spaces, no part may be hired exclusively. Be aware that other non-related activities may be occurring in, or in close proximity to the booked area during your period of use.

Parks staff aim for a high standard within the grounds. However, sometimes there may be maintenance work within or close by the areas booked.

The Christchurch City Council reserves the right to cancel any bookings due to circumstances beyond its control.

Terms and conditions of use, plus map of the park's bookable outdoor locations [PDF 530 KB].