Avebury House dates from 1885 and is a fine example of a grand Victorian home.

Avebury Park

Like many of Christchurch’s garden parks, Avebury Park was once a private garden surrounding a substantial homestead. The house was leased by the Youth Hostels Association of New Zealand for many years and was known as the Cora Wilding Hostel, but currently operates as Avebury House community centre and is available for hire.

It has an English style park setting with expansive lawns and large deciduous trees including specimens of lime, elm and oak.

The 0.8ha (1.9 acre) property was purchased by the City Council in 1948 and a children’s paddling pool was constructed a few years later. This popular pool and children’s play area, is well-provided with large shelter trees and seating; it remains a focal point for family gatherings throughout summer.

Avebury House is run by a community trust and is also available for hire(external link) for events.

Avebury Park Map