Naval Point is an important marine and recreational asset for Lyttelton and the region and includes one of the few all tidewater access points for Christchurch.

Vkiew of Naval Point and Lyttelton Harbour

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We want to develop Naval Point – an important marine and recreational asset for Lyttelton and the region and one of the few all-tidewater access points for Christchurch.

The area has been identified as one the Council wishes to improve and develop – with $10.65M funding set aside through the 2018–2028 Long Term Plan for the Naval Point Development Plan. The project will have a staged approach over several years due to funding availability and these phases will be outlined as part of the development plan.

The development will make Naval Point a water-sports-focused public space providing access to Lyttelton Harbour for everyone to enjoy, while also improving existing onsite recreational assets.

What’s happening?

  • Have Your Say public consultation on two options for the future development of Naval Point(external link) closed on 28 July 2019. Full submissions, attachments and a summary of the most often occurring themes are up on the Have Your Say website.
  • This initial round of consultation will help inform a Naval Point Development Plan, which will again go out for public consultation. The goal is to produce a development plan for formal consultation by mid 2020.
  • Structural repair work to improve the safety of Magazine Bay Marina will start later in 2019.
  • We have removed 52 remnant concrete piles to improve navigation and public safety at Lyttelton’s Naval Point. See Newsline(external link).
  • An interim tidy up of the area, including improving access and traffic flow within the site, has been carried out.

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