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Draft Radio Communication Pathways Plan Change

The Radio Communication Pathways draft plan change proposes height limits to protect airspace for radio-communication from the Justice and Emergency Services Precinct, associated with emergency services.

Draft Housing and Business Choice Plan Change

For our city, more housing choice is the way forward. We’re proposing changes to our District Plan to provide for our continued growth and prosperity.

Opawa neighbourhood safety improvements

Have your say on the proposed changes and let's work together to create a safer neighbourhood for everyone.

Slow speeds neighbourhood - Papanui

Have your say on the proposed change and let's work together to create a safer neighbourhood for everyone.

Christchurch Gondola top terminal building - new lease

Christchurch Gondola is applying for a new lease for its top terminal building in Mt Cavendish Reserve on the Port Hills. The existing lease is due to expire, and a change in legislation means public consultation is required to confirm a new lease.

Ihutai-Estuary and Coastal Draft Stormwater Management Plan

We want to know your thoughts on the draft of the Ihutai-Estuary and Coastal Stormwater Management Plan

The future of our river

The Waikura Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board is developing an aspirational guidance plan for the future of the Ōpāwaho Lower Heathcote River.

Opting out of kerbside collection & targeted rate

We propose allowing multi-unit residential developments that use an approved alternative to Council’s three-bin kerbside collection service, to not pay the Waste Minimisation Targeted Rate.

Proposal to increase rates on vacant central city land

We propose setting higher rates on some vacant land, initially in the central city’s commercial area, that has no active or consented use. A rates remission will be available where land is kept in an improved and maintained state.

Proposal for a new Policy on Māori Freehold Land

We’re proposing to adopt a new Policy on Remission and Postponement of Rates on Māori Freehold Land, to comply with new legislation.

Draft Annual Plan 2022/23

Have your say on a budget which focuses on doing the basics well and strengthening Ōtautahi Christchurch’s infrastructure.

Proposed extension of kerbside collection service in Wairewa

We’re planning to offer the kerbside collection service to additional properties in Wairewa. Those properties would be charged the full Waste Minimisation Targeted Rate.

New Port to Port bus stop improvements

We want to hear your views on the proposed new Port to Port bus stop improvements between Lyttelton and the airport.

Ferry Road cycleway trial

We're trialling a new type of cycleway on Ferry Road and lowering the speed to 30 km/h. Slower roads mean a safer way for everyone.

London St and Oxford St - Pedestrian Safety improvements

We are making it safer and more accessible for pedestrians in Lyttelton town centre and for Lyttelton School.

Roto Kohatu Reserve Management Plan

Roto Kohatu Reserve is getting more popular with water sports, user groups and the public, and we've prepared draft plans to help manage and plan the development of the reserve.

Garden of Tāne nature play space

We're planning a nature play space to extend the existing play area in the Garden of Tāne in Akaroa.

Antigua Street cycle improvements

We are improving safety for all users on Antigua Street between Moorhouse Avenue and St Asaph Street and at Antigua Street footbridge.

Worcester Street cycleway connection

Worcester Street is the final connection for the Rapanui cycleway into the city.

Lancaster Park community spaces

Since April 2021 we have been working to turn Lancaster Park into a green recreational space and sports fields. Before developing a concept design for the rest of the park we want to understand the other elements needed for the local community.

Linwood Village streetscape plan

What do you think of our draft plan for Stanmore Road?

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