Bays Area skate project

This first part of this project involves working with the community to find a suitable location for a skate park in the Bays area, between Sumner and Ferrymead.

Project status: Decision made
Open for feedback: 26 January 2018 to 26 February 2018

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At the 3 December 2018 Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board made the decision(external link) to:

  1. Approve 26 Nayland Street, Sumner as the location for a skate park in the Bays Area subject to 20/24 Nayland Street being transferred from Crown ownership to Council ownership.
  2. Request staff to provide an update on the process for transfer of the land to Council.
  3. Note that further discussion with the community will occur through the next phase of community engagement on the future use of the balance of land at 20/24 Nayland Street that is not within the proposed skate park area.

The full staff report relating to this project(external link) is available online.

Consultation Summary

We have analysed the consultation feedback. At the close of consultation, 531 submissions were received with 313 (59%) in support of 26 Nayland Street, 105 (20%) in support of Sumner Beach, 78 (15%) in support of the old Redcliffs School Site and 28 (5%) in support of Scott Park, Ferrymead.

26 Nayland – first choice

Sumner Beach – first choice

Old Recliffs School – first choice

Scott Park – first choice


313 (59%)

105 (20%)

78 (15%)

28 (5%)


Please note that seven submitters did not select a ranking preference. 

Bays Area Skate Project:  Site selection

How did we find the potential sites?

On 24 July 2017 a community workshop was held to find out what were important considerations from a community perspective to include in a site selection criteria. Independent consultants (WSP - Opus International) then completed the site selection criteria, using community feedback and six technical reports.  This criteria was applied against a list of 57 sites, to narrow the search to 14 and then down to six sites. This process has resulted in four suitable sites for a skate park in the Bays area, which we are now seeking community feedback on.

The feedback from the community workshop also assisted with some of the weighting on the criteria.  For example we received feedback about the distance of a skate park site from neighbours being really important, so sites that were at least 40 metres from the nearest house scored the highest for that section of the criteria.

Technical report summary

There were six technical reports completed on the top six scoring sites from the site selection criteria, these reports included:

  • Archaeology assessment
  • District Plan assessment
  • Acoustic impacts e.g. noise (weighted the highest)
  • Geotechnical assessment
  • Contaminated land assessment
  • Urban design assessment (landscape architecture)

Information from these technical reports was then used to reduce the sites down to the four sites.  All of the sites have some constraints, but the acoustics report (noise) was the most favourable for the four sites we are seeking feedback on.

Sites being considered

The four sites that we would like feedback on include (in no particular order):

  • 26 Nayland Street (Sumner)
  • Old Redcliffs School site (Redcliffs)
  • Scott Park (Ferrymead)
  • Sumner Beach (near the Sumner Surf Lifesaving Club)
 Bays area skate map

Click to enlarge.


More information on the four sites

26 Nayland Street

This site is where the temporary skate ramp is due to be located, opposite the Sumner Library.

26 Nayland Street site in Sumner is now in Christchurch City Council ownership. 20 and 24 Nayland Street are under Crown ownership and these sites can only be considered if the land is transferred into Christchurch City Council ownership.

Things to consider with this site are:

  • Only a small area of 26 Nayland Street is suitable for a skate park. Due to the rockfall zone around this park.
  • 20/24 Nayland Street is suitable for community orientated activities with rockfall barriers and rock fly mitigation installed.
  • A further rock fall assessment report may be required.
  • A smaller skate park is the only option for this site.
  • There may be asbestos at this site which will need to be removed, which is an additional cost.
  • If 20/24 Nayland Street was developed into residential dwellings instead of a space for community orientated activities, this would make the noise assessment for this site unfavourable.

Nayland Street site

Old Redcliffs School Site

This site is at 136 Main Road in Redcliffs

This site is located at 136 Main Road Redcliffs and is currently owned by the Ministry of Education.  At the Council meeting on 7 September 2017 the decision was made to support a land swap, which would mean Redcliffs Park would be owned by the Ministry of Education and the Redcliffs School site would be owned by the Christchurch City Council. 

The legal requirement for the land swap has not been adopted yet.  If the land swap does not go ahead, then this site may need to be removed from consideration.

Old Redcliffs School site, location indicative only

Things to consider with this site are:

  • A skate park may need to be designed centrally in the park to avoid being too close to neighbours.
  • A further rock fall assessment report is required for this site.
  • Mitigation of rock fly may be required to build a skate park on this site.
  • A larger skate park is possible at this location.  However other future park user requirements will also need to be considered.
  • The land swap with the Ministry of Education may slow down the approval and construction of a skate park.


Old Redcliffs School site, locatio indicative only

Scott Park

This site is at 2 Main Road in Ferrymead.

This site is located at 2 Main Road in Ferrymead.  On 7 October 2017 a community working group was created by the Community Board to look at improvements and use of this park.

Scott Park, location indicative only

Things to consider with this site are:

  • Plans for this area will need to also consider  feedback from the community working group for the park.
  • Higher maintenance may be required at this site due to salt and sand in the area.
  • Park users may have safety concerns with high traffic numbers alongside this park.
  • The park is in an open area likely to be windy with little shade or protection from trees.
  • A medium to large skate park is possible at this location.

Scott Park site

Sumner Beach

This site is at 301 Main Road, near the Sumner Surf Life Saving Club building.

This site is located at 301 Main Road.  The specific area being considered is on the eastern side of the Surf Lifesaving Club on Main Road in Sumner.  This land is owned by the Crown and administered by LINZ.  The Christchurch City Council have an existing lease over this land and written approval of any design plans would be required from LINZ (Land Information New Zealand) as per the existing lease agreement

Sumner Beach, site location indicative only

Things to consider with this site are:

  • The Sumner Surf  Life Saving Club will require a site specific noise assessment.
  • There will be higher maintenance costs at this site due to the salt and sand in the area.
  • There are a number of trees on this site that may require removal, or need to be designed around.
  • A skate park here may have an affect on the existing storm water system, so this will also need to be considered.
  • This site is located in the Open Space Coastal Zone and may have an impact on the environment.
  • A small sized skate park is possible for this site.
  • This land is currently administered by LINZ and would require a lease agreement discussion, this may slow down the approval and construction of a skate park.


Sumner Beach site

Summary of all sites

You can view a summary table [PDF, 149 KB] of each of these sites in comparison to each other.

Community workshop

Thank you to all of those who attended the community workshop on Tuesday 13 February 2018 at the Port Hills Uniting Parish Church hall in Redcliffs.  We had a steady flow of visitors between 6 pm and 8 pm.  We really appreciate the community taking the time to come and talk to us.

Community workshop in Redcliffs

Attendees at community workshop in Redcliffs

At the workshop we had four stations for each of the proposed sites and attendees were encouraged to put up post it notes indicating their likes and dislikes for each of the sites.  Colour coded post it notes were used so we were able to visually understand what people from the different areas were specifically concerned about or supportive of.  

Yellow - Sumner

Green - Mt Pleasant

Purple - Ferrymead/Heathcote

Pink - Redcliffs

Orange - All other areas

You can view a table with the feedback from the workshop.

What happens next

Once the consultation has closed all feedback will be considered by the project team, and a recommendation will be included in a staff report to the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board.  At this stage we are anticipating that they will make a decision at their meeting in April 2018.

If a decision is made on a location for a skate park and funding is allocated for the project through the Council 2019 - 2029 Long Term Plan (LTP) process (final plan adopted by 1 July 2018), then there will be a second round of public consultation on the design of the skate park. 

Consultation on the Council 2019 - 2029 LTP(external link) is anticipated to take place around March/April 2018.

 Indicative Timeline:

  • Monday 29 January 2018 - Consultation began
  • Tuesday 13 February 2018 - Community workshop
  • Monday 26 February 2018 - Consultation closed
  • March 2018 - submitters notified of consultation outcome
  • August 2018 TBC - Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board decision meeting on a site

 You can view the consultation leaflet [PDF, 6.9 MB] which is available at Lyttelton and Sumner Libraries and will be hand delivered to properties immediately surrounding each of the four sites.

 Keep updated with this project

If you would like to be updated on this project please subscribe to the Bays Area skate project e-newsletter(external link).  We will send out an e-newsletter whenever we have something interesting to tell the community.  You can also unsubsribe to the  e-newsletter at any time.  We will also keep copies of the e-newsletter on this website.

Project Background

What has happened already?

The Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board resolved on 27 February 2017 to “Request staff to prepare a report investigation the possibility of suitable locations for permanent skate facilities in the Bays Area (Ferrymead to Sumner) including 26 Nayland Street".  

The need for a skate facility in the Bays area has been recognised since 2000 through formal research and ongoing demand from the public.

Community Workshop

Anyone who was interested in this project was invited to attend a community workshop on Monday 24 July 2017.  

What happened to the information we received from the workshop?

The workshop was an opportunity for residents to provide information around what they thought was important to be considered as part of choosing a site for a skate park. The information from the workshop then formed part of the site selection criteria and all possible sites in the Bays Area were weighted against the criteria to form a short list of possible sites.

Attendees at the workshop

Members of the community at the workshop

Possible Site Selection Criteria – Have we missed something?

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) guidelines met e.g. visual surveillance, sightlines into space.
  • How do residents get to site? (Active transport, public transport, private transport)
  • Demographics
  • Supporting activities (e.g. playground, sports facilities, toilets, car park, shops)
  • District Plan Zoning
  • Topography – is the site level and if not, is the topography suitable for a skate facility
  • Separations from neighbours (e.g. noise, visual effects)


  • October/November 2017 – Detailed analysis of the short listed sites. Opus International  completed the initial site selection process and have provided the project team with a detailed analysis of the short list of sites, this was presented to the Linwood-Central-Community Board for comment in October.  The Community Board requested further detail on these sites and the most up to date information has been presented to the Community Board.  
  • November/December - project team starts preparing for upcoming consultation
  • Anticipated January/February 2018 – Community consultation around short list of sites including a community workshop.
  • April/May 2018 -  The results of this consultation will be presented to the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board as part of a staff report.   The Community Board will use this information to make a decision around a site or to not have a skate facility in the Bays Area.Note: Size of skate park to be confirmed once we know what space we have available.

What happened at the workshop?

We had a fantastic turnout at the community workshop with 108 people coming along to provide feedback on the site selection criteria over the two hour period.  Attendees were provided with three coloured dots to add to their top three most important parts of the draft site selection criteria, there was also an option to add more information to each of these and make a note of anything else that should be considered.  There was also an opportunity to provide information on any sites that people would like to see a skate park located and why, as well as sites that they would not like to see a skate park located and why.

You can view the information provided by the community from this workshop.  Please note that coloured post it notes and dots used relate to the area that members of the community reside in.  

Yellow - Sumner

Blue - Mt Pleasant

Orange - Redcliffs

Purple - Ferrymead/Heathcote

Pink - all other areas.



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