The yellow bin is collected every two weeks. It’s important you check what can be put in the yellow bin. By putting the right stuff in the yellow bin, you’re making it possible for us to recycle and turn it into products locally and overseas.

Yellow bin

What can go in the yellow bin

  • Paper and cardboard: magazines, cardboard boxes, junk mail, newspapers or books
  • Metals: aluminium cans, metal tins (lids in the red bin) or aerosol cans
  • Glass: clean glass bottles or jars (lids in the red bin).
  • Plastics: clean hard plastic household containers and bottles (lids in the red bin).

Not on this list?

Anything else needs to go in your red or green wheelie bin, or you can drop it for free at nearest EcoDrop.

Download the Wheelie Bins App

The Wheelie Bins App has a handy lookup tool so you can find out what goes in each bin as well as reminders to take the bins out each week.

How to sort your recycling

By sorting your recycling properly, you’re helping us to recycle as much as possible. Remember your recycling should be:


Lids and bottle tops are often made from a different type of plastic and contaminate the recyclable product. Remove lids and place in the red bin.


Food and drink can contaminate recyclable material, please give items a  quick rinse before placing in the recycling bin.

Loose and uncrushed

Plastic bottles and containers are sorted using an optical sorter, which identifies the shape of the product.

Sorters are unable to open individual bags of recycling so keep recycling loose and uncrushed in the bin. Remember plastic bags go in the red bin.

What can't go in your yellow bin

  • household appliances, tools or machinery - Take these items to the EcoDrop
  • clothing, shoes or bedding - Drop these to your local clothing bin
  • gas bottles, fire extinguishers or batteries - Take these items to the EcoDrop
  • soft plastics, plastic film or plastic bags - Put them in the red bin
  • coat hangers, foil or metal objects - Take these items to the EcoDrop
  • light bulbs, window glass, drinking glasses or crockery - Take these items to the EcoDrop
  • liquids, food or cooking oil - Put them in the green bin
  • disposable coffee cups, liquid cartons or polystyrene  - Put them in the red bin
  • wet paper or used paper towels - Put them in the green bin
  • paint, automotive products, dry chemicals - Take these items to the EcoDrop
  • dead animals or pets