When non-Council property is vandalised we will pass on the information to the property owner, who can arrange to have the graffiti removed.

The Council will remove graffiti if it is:

  • offensive 
  • on footpaths, roads and lamp posts
  • on boundary fences at schools, parks, property frontages and walkways
  • on frontages of small business properties
  • on Council facilities and neighbouring properties. 

City Care is the company the Council contracts to remove graffiti vandalism. They do not remove graffiti vandalism from everything. Contractors and volunteers remove graffiti from public areas but do not have permission to enter private property. They aim to remove graffiti within 48 hours.

City Care has a limited range of paint colours and will attempt to match as closely as possible within the range. If you require the area painted to match the existing colour and it cannot be matched, you may choose to paint the area yourself.