Volunteer with the Off The Wall Graffiti Programme, the backbone of the Council's graffiti programme and key to the success of reducing the impact of graffiti in our city.

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Volunteering with Off the Wall

Off the Wall is a volunteer-based graffiti vandalism reporting and removal programme run by the Christchurch City Council. You can nominate an area that you prefer to work in and how frequently you can volunteer at the time of your registration. The Off the Wall volunteer programme offers different components of volunteering:

Tag spotting

We need individuals to spot and report graffiti vandalism in all areas of Christchurch. As a tag spotter, you will keep your community feeling safe and looking beautiful by regularly reporting graffiti vandalism to the Christchurch City Council for removal. Reporting is done via the Snap, Send, Solve app, phone or email.

Group volunteering

We need groups of all sizes for one-off and regular volunteering opportunities in all areas of Christchurch. As a group, you will be directed to a site to remove graffiti from, or an area to report graffiti incidents to the Christchurch City Council for removal. We provide all the paint or removal wipes, tools and safety equipment required. Groups will be responsible for their own supervision, transport, providing after photos and ensuring resources are returned clean. Reporting is done via the Snap, Send, Solve app and will require the use of a smartphone.

Art mentors

We need mentors to share their artistic flair with the community as they complete mural projects around Christchurch. As a mentor, you will offer advice and hands-on support to help design and paint murals with schools and community groups. Mentoring opportunities are also available working with young graffiti artists to provide inspiration technique development and to demonstrate how graffiti art can create future career pathways.

Regardless of the amount or frequency of tagging that occurs within your area, we appreciate any amount of time that you can give to help keep Christchurch beautiful.

A volunteer shows off their hard work

A volunteer shows off their hard work

As a volunteer you will:

If you wish to join the Graffiti Programme and reduce the impact of graffiti vandalism on the residents of Christchurch City, or have a read of the volunteer inquiry pack [PDF, 1.1 MB] and complete our online form

For information about our volunteering opportunities for individuals, groups, mentors and artists register your interest and contact our volunteer coordinator.

Current Volunteers can find a summary of our recent workshop here.  [JPG, 8 KB]

Volunteers make their mark against graffiti

Eight-year-old Nevaeh has been volunteering for Christchurch City Council with her dad Ben as a tag spotter and graffiti remover 2018.

Residents like the McCallums are the backbone of the Council’s Off the Wall volunteer initiative, which harnesses their efforts to combat tagging and graffiti around the city. Run by the Council’s graffiti programme, Off the Wall, which will celebrate its tenth anniversary later this year.

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