Volunteer with the Off The Wall Graffiti Programme, the backbone of the Council's Graffiti Programme and key to the success of reducing the impact of graffiti in our city.

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Become a volunteer

Off the Wall [PDF, 466 KB] is a volunteer-based graffiti removal programme that supports individuals and communities in graffiti removal.

You can choose to become a tag remover (paint out graffiti) or to become a tag spotter (spot and report graffiti for removal) or do both. Do as much or as little when you want!

As a volunteer you will:

A volunteer shows off their hard work

A volunteer shows off their hard work

  • make a difference to your community and environment
  • contribute to making your community feel safer
  • be provided with free resources and equipment
  • receive ongoing support and formal recognition
  • gain skills and work experience
  • receive newsletters(external link) and relevant graffiti information

To become a volunteer:

Complete the Volunteer Agreement [DOCX, 58 KB] and send it to us:

  • offthewall@ccc.govt.nz
  • Graffiti Programme, PO Box 73052, Christchurch, 8154
  • attend our next volunteer information session and sign up day

Volunteer information session and sign up day

Thursday 21 September 2017
12.30pm to 1.30pm
Boardroom 180 Smith Street, Christchurch, 8062

Complete our online form or contact the Graffiti Volunteer Coordinator on (03) 941 6655 to register your interest.