Botanic Gardens' attractions

For lovers of horticulture and sculpture, these beautiful gardens are a haven for plants from around the world and a showcase for fascinating art works. From flowering gardens to giant stately trees, there’s a lot to see all year round.

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COVID-19 update: The Botanic Gardens is closed

The Government is asking for everyone to stay at home. Their advice is that you can go for a walk or exercise outdoors for a short time, but to stick to simple walks or exercise spots close to home. 

We’ve closed all of our Council facilities until further notice, to support the Government’s fight against COVID-19. This includes the Botanic Gardens.

The following are also closed:

  • Public toilets.
  • Playgrounds, play equipment or exercise equipment in parks.
  • Car parks within parks.
  • Visitor and information centres.
  • The Spencer Park animal area and fenced dog parks.
  • All Council-owned sports facilities

Unite Against Covid-19, visit