The Mayor's Welfare Fund was established in 1897 as the Mayor's Coal and Blanket Fund. The fund provides assistance to families and individuals in our community who are in extreme financial distress.


The fund works with other helping agencies in the city and can provide assistance on a one-off basis where real needs can be shown.

The fund is a last resort when people have exhausted other appropriate sources such as Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ).


  • The Mayor's Welfare Fund is only available for Christchurch City residents.
  • As every applicant's circumstances are unique and the criteria for different categories of assistance vary, applicants need to contact the Mayor's Welfare Administrator.
  • The fund has a limited amount of funding categories with which it can assist applicants and criteria on levels of assistance apply. 
  • The Mayor's Welfare Fund can only assist once in a twelve-month period.
  • School principals may apply on behalf of students to the Mayor's Welfare Fund's Child Enrichment Fund for grants to help students participate in extra-curricular activities they would otherwise miss out on due to exceptional circumstances of severe hardship.  

How to apply

Contact us at 0800 800 169.

We'll take down the details of your application and send you a confirmation email. It is essential that you reply to this email with all the required documentation as soon as possible as you will not receive a response until it is received.

You will be asked to provide:

  • A form of identification, such as your Driver's Licence or Community Services Card.
  • If available, a letter from Work and Income NZ or Study Link stating that assistance is available or unavailable.
  • Current bank statement/s including your name and transactions to use as proof of financial hardship.
  • If in employment, a copy of your last two payslips.
  • Evidence of your need, such as an invoice for goods, electricity bill, letter from landlord etc.


If you have an inquiry with regards to donating to this charitable trust, please email all details to and the team will contact you.