If you receive a grant from the Christchurch City Council you are required to report for the grant

This is a condition of the Community Grants Terms and Conditions [PDF, 30 KB] that must be agreed to before receiving a grant.

You are required to spend the grant as per the resolution on the funding agreement. Any variation to this, not previously agreed to by the Christchurch City Council, will mean you will have to return the money.
The same applies if you have finished your project and have not spent all of the grant, you will be required to return the unspent money.

Future funding can be withheld if accountability requirements are not met.

When and what accountabilities are due?

Strengthening Communities Fund:

End of Project Report - when funding is spent or 30 September the following year

Discretionary Response Fund:

End of Project Report - when funding is spent or 13 months after the money was granted

Youth Development Fund:

This varies by Community Board, please see your original decision email.

Email templates will be sent one month before they are due or you can email communitygrants@ccc.govt.nz if you have already completed your project and would like to submit your report sooner.

If you have any questions you can contact a Community Funding Advisor or email communitygrants@ccc.govt.nz.