Resource consents

We're responsible for resource consent applications for land use and subdivisions.

Updates on this are available on our PC14 page. 

Applications for resource and building consent can’t be processed under the proposed rules until they have legal effect after decisions on PC14 have been made and notified. The operative District Plan provisions continue to apply in the meantime.

Processing timeframes

As of 15 July 2024, the average timeframe for most applications to be allocated to a planner for processing is eight working days. 

To help minimise delays please ensure that your application is complete and includes all the necessary plans and supporting information. If you’re unsure about what you need to provide, check with our Duty Planner.

The planner will contact you once your application is allocated.

A resource consent is an approval under the Resource Management Act that's needed when a building or activity doesn't meet the rules in the Christchurch District Plan.

It is separate to a building consent, which confirms that building work complies with the Building Act and the building code. You may need one or both types of consent for your proposal.

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