A property’s planning zone shows what activities and land uses are permitted. Before applying for building or resource consent, check the relevant planning map for your property, and use this information to find out what rules and restrictions apply.

The Christchurch City Council has two district plans: the Christchurch City Plan(external link) and the Banks Peninsula District Plan(external link) that define areas (zones) for residential or industrial activities, each with their own set of rules.

The Christchurch City Plan is under review. Property zonings are affected by the review, and the Proposed Replacement District Plan(external link) contains information on new zones and the corresponding rules. The District Plan review is being undertaken in stages and because of this, for some activities the provisions of both the City/Banks Peninsula District Plan and the Proposed Replacement District Plan will need to be considered.

For other activities only the Proposed Replacement District Plan may be relevant. Please contact the Council on (03) 941 8999 for further information on property zonings under the Proposed Plan. 

Planning maps

Both Plans include planning maps that show zone boundaries, and where features within zones (such as special amenity areas or protected trees) are located. 

You can search the online version of the Christchurch City Plan(external link) for planning maps. The Banks Peninsula District Plan(external link) is available on this website as a series of PDF files.

You can also view a printed copy of either Plan at the Civic Offices at 53 Hereford St, Christchurch Central and at libraries and Service Centres.

Summary of residential zone rules 

For construction of one or more residential units on the majority of sites:

Practice note