LIMs and other property services

The Council provides information about properties in Christchurch in a variety of formats for you to view and purchase. This includes rating, consent and planning information, building and drainage plans, licensing details and more.

Land Information Memorandum (LIM)

If you are planning to buy, sell, or develop a property, you can request a LIM to find out what relevant data the Council holds for that property.

Property files

You can ask for a copy of a property file if you are considering buying a property, applying for building consent or resource consent, or for insurance claim purposes.

Ratepayer details and land titles

The Council can provide details about the owner or ratepayer for a property. A Land title can also be requested from Land Information New Zealand.

Guidance for home buyers and sellers

Visit, provided by the Real Estate Authority (REA). REA is the independent government agency that regulates the NZ real estate industry.

Eco design advisor free service

Learn how to make your building or renovation more eco-friendly. Book a free two-hour consultation with a specialist Eco Design Advisor.

Project information memorandum

A PIM is a report issued by the Council that contains information known to the Council about your property that may be relevant to your proposed building works.

Pre-application advice services

Our pre-application advice services offer the opportunity for you to discuss your proposed project with Council staff before applying for a building consent or resource consent.

Drainage plans for your property

Request a drainage plan from the Council. A drainage plan shows the pipelines and waterways on, or flowing from, a property.

Aerial photographs of your property

You can request printed or electronic aerial photographs for a large number of Christchurch and Banks Peninsula properties.

List of building consents issued

You can subscribe to a monthly list of all building consents issued.

Weathertight building issues

Notifications are held on LIMs for properties subject to a claim lodged under the Weathertight Homes Resolution Services (WHRS) Act(s).

Fees & Charges - Regulatory & property information

Information about fees and charges for regulatory and property information.

Sustainability advice

To live sustainably is to think about the choices we make now, act responsibly and with the earth and future generations in mind.

Property numbering

The Council is responsible for allocating street and road numbers to properties within the district.

Building warrant of fitness

Renew your building warrant of fitness and find out more about the required fees, inspections, compliance schedules and specified systems.