Approved RAMM and Roading Construction Contractors

The following contractors are approved by Christchurch City Council to load RAMM (Road assessment and maintenance management system) as-built records into the Council's database, as detailed in the Infrastructure Design Standards Part 12: As-Builts.

Approval to load RAMM inventory is related to an individual's experience. All individuals involved in RAMM inventory pick up and loading must have sufficient experience or have undertaken suitable training relevant to the latest version of the NZTA State Highway Database Operation Manual. Council reserves the right to check the training and experience of the person involved in data pick up or condition surveys.

Contractor Approved for this aspect
AECOM New Zealand RAMM inventory/condition rating/valuation
Aurecon Group RAMM inventory
Beca Ltd RAMM inventory/condition rating
City Care Ltd RAMM inventory
Connetics Ltd RAMM inventory(streetlights/signs/street furniture)
Data Collection Ltd RAMM condition rating and roughness survey
Downer EDI Ltd RAMM inventory/condition rating
Eliot Sinclair RAMM inventory
Fulton Hogan Ltd RAMM inventory/condition rating
Geosolve Road testing/falling weight deflectometer (FWD)
GHD Ltd RAMM inventory/condition rating/valuation
Harrison Grierson RAMM inventory
HEB Construction RAMM inventory/condition rating
Higgins Contractors Ltd RAMM inventory
Opus International Consultants Ltd RAMM inventory/condition rating
Road Science NZ Road roughness survey
Shaw's Consulting Services Ltd RAMM inventory/condition rating/roughness survey
Stantec (MWH) New Zealand Ltd RAMM inventory/condition rating
WDM Limited Road condition survey/skid resistance

Prequalified roading construction contractors

These contractors have prequalified to tender for roading construction works in the work classification levels (WCL) for which they are prequalified and no higher.

Contractor Work Classification Level Expiry Date
Calcon Limited t/a Higgins Contractors - Christchurch A, B, C, D 30 April 2018
City Care Limited A, B, C, D 30 April 2018
Downer EDI Works A, B, C, D 30 April 2018
Earthtec Limited B, C, D 8 May 2018
Fulton Hogan Limited A, B, C, D 30 April 2018
JCL Asphalt C, D 17 August 2019
John Fillmore Contracting Limited A, B, C, D 30 June 2018
HEB Construction Limited A, B, C, D 30 April 2018
KB Contracting & Quarries Limited A, B, C, D 28 April 2020
Mike Downs Contractors Limited B, C, D 8 May 2018
Paul Smith Earthmoving 2002 Ltd B, C, D 27 August 2018
Pidgeon Contracting Limited C, D 27 September 2020
Schick Civil Construction B, C, D 16 August 2019
Texco Excavating Limited A, B, C, D 21 March 2020
The Isaac Construction Company Limited A, B, C, D 16 February 2019
The Roading Company Limited B, C, D 8 May 2018

Work Classification Level Key

A = Over $1.5 million
B = $0.5 to $1.5 million
C = $0.1 to $0.5 million
D = up to $0.1 million

Download the Prequalification of Roading Contractors Manual. [PDF, 2.5 MB]