The rules around the placement of signs can be complex and various permissions and permits may be necessary.

Policies and bylaws set out the rules:

In addition, the District Plan includes rules relating to the placement of election signage. All signage is required to comply with relevant Christchurch City Council and Waka Kotahi by-laws and Electoral Commission rules(external link)

When advertising in public places, the following also generally applies:

  • Advertising is to be related to the site, except in most industrial business zones.
  • Captive balloons including blimps and helium balloons may require resource consent.
  • Signs should not involve movement or be illuminated by intermittent or flashing light sources.
  • Signs should not be located so as to obscure or confuse the interpretation of any traffic signals or controls. 
  • For sites adjoining a state highway or arterial road with a speed restriction of 70km per hour or over, there are additional restrictions on the number of signs per site, the height of lettering and location.

Offensive or inappropriate signs are dealt with by the Advertising Standards Authority(external link). Information about how to make a complaint(external link).

Takiuru ki ā mātou ratonga
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