Construction Site Hoardings

The building code defines hoardings as 'structures alongside a public way providing side protection but no overhead protection'. They are required to secure work sites and provide for the adjacent safe passage of pedestrians.

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Get creative and receive a waiver

Creative hoardings reinterpret construction hoardings by improving their look and feel so our city doesn't become visually dominated by fences and hoardings as we build. 

Normal hoardings can be transformed into creative hoardings at any time. They may be eligible for a waiver of up to 100% of Council's temporary use of legal road (TUOLR) fee of $15.30/m2 per month.

Two creative hoardings options are available:

  • Custom
  • Pre-designed.

Apply for a creative hoarding

  1. Read through the information provided on the custom or pre-designed hoardings. We outline our expectations, terms and conditions and offer handy tips for planning ahead, printing and installation.
  2. Send a completed temporary use of legal road application form to
  3. To apply for artwork approval, touch base with us before you begin by emailing We will discuss the process then ask you to email and attach the following:

Please allow 10 working days for the application and approval to be processed.

Once you've been approved and you've installed your hoarding we'll check it against what was proposed. If it still meets approval the waiver will be applied.

Get started

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Custom hoardings

Guidelines and resources to help your design team create custom creative hoarding.

CCC CityHoardings Examples

Pre-designed hoardings

Choose from pre-designed artworks for your creative hoarding.

temporary use of leagal road

Temporary Use of Legal Road (TUOLR)

If you plan to deliver a creative hoarding design you may be eligible for up to a 100% rebate on legal road fees.