Roto Kohatu Reserve is one of our region’s top fresh water sites. It’s safe, sheltered and getting more popular with water sports user groups and the public. We’d like your input as we plan to manage all the activities while protecting the reserve.

Project status: Closed for feedback
Open for feedback: 15th February 2021 - 15th March 2021


For a number of years we have been gathering information from user groups, stakeholders and the wider community to find out what people like about Roto Kohatu, and to hear their suggestions for improvements. They have highlighted the need to

  • support a range of recreational activities Sailing lessons Roto Kohatu
  • improve facilities to support the high seasonal use
  • manage the space effectively for everyone
  • protect the environment especially water quality
  • manage access and anti-social behaviour

Following the first round of discussions, staff have worked with the Waimāero/Fendalton -Waimairi - Harewood Community Board to address some of the most pressing issues such as toilets and parking at the reserve.

Please make sure your feedback reaches us by Monday 15 March 2021

We are prioritising and managing a range of recreational activity and public use within the Management Plan area, while making sure this fits with any cultural or ecological values such as care of the crested grebe.

Discussions so far have helped staff understand current user group needs while acknowledging existing and past use.

We’d like to know about anything else you think we should consider as we develop the draft plan.

  • All this feedback will help us develop a Draft Reserves Management Plan.
  • The draft management plan will then go out for public consultation later this year – which is another opportunity for people to provide their feedback.
  • The Waimāero/Fendalton -Waimairi - Harewood Community Board will decide on the final Plan.

We will use the same process to consult separately on a proposed change in reserve classification of two parcels of land in the management plan area, to the more appropriate classification of recreation reserve.

A development plan will sit alongside the management plan to identify and prioritise projects when funding is available.