We’re trialling a new type of cycleway on Colombo Street and lowering the speed to 30km/h. Slower roads means safer ways for everyone.

Project status: Open for feedback
Open for feedback: 28th September 2020 - 27th October 2020
28 Sep 2020

Trying something new

We’re using paint to create a buffer between the cycleway and the road. This new cycleway will connect Papanui to the central city along Colombo Street between Bealey Avenue and Ōtākaro Avon River.

Paint on the road and moveable tree planters will provide a visual cue to slow down and create a more welcoming environment.

We’re lowering the speed on Colombo Street to 30km/h between Bealey Avenue and Kilmore Street, and on Peterborough Street between Durham Street and Manchester Street.


Artist impression of Colombo Street


This cycle route will take bikers all the way from the central city across the Waimakariri River to Kaiapoi and Rangiora once it is completed.

There are also lots of connections(external link) along the way to Papanui, Redwood, Northwood and Belfast.

Example of relocatable planter boxes

Street trees

We are proposing 25 new trees with some in planter boxes and some planted in the ground.  The trees in planter boxes can easily be shifted to modify the design or accommodate future property development.

Bus stops

As part of this project, we are taking the opportunity to improve the location of some bus stops.

  • The bus stop outside 853 Colombo Street will move to 833 Colombo Street.
  • The bus stop outside 121 Salisbury Street will move to 139 Salisbury Street.
  • The bus stop outside 856 Colombo Street will be removed.


There will be fewer car parks to make space for the cycleway and to create safer crossing points at intersections. Separating bikes from cars makes it safer for everyone.

On the Bealey Avenue to Salisbury Street section of Colombo Street, 56 car on-street car parks will be retained from a total of 74 currently available.

On the Salisbury Street to Kilmore Street section of Colombo Street, 21 on-street car parks will be retained from the 35 spaces currently available.

In total 77 of the 109 on-street car parks will be retained.

We are aiming to make it easy to park near the shops at the corner of Colombo Street and Peterborough Street.

On the west side of Colombo Street, three mobility spaces and a P5 park will be provided to make it easy to get to the Town Hall.  There will be P120 parking restrictions on the east side of Colombo Street between Kilmore Street and the Avon River Bridge.

Key features

  • Painted buffer cycle lanes with the removal of some parking around the bus stops and intersections for cycle safety. 

    Example of a painted buffer cycle lane

  • Retention of 56 on-street car park spaces from the 74 spaces currently available on this section of Colombo Street.
  • Removal of the bus stop currently located outside 856 Colombo Street.
  • 30 km/h speed limit.  Street trees, cycle lane markers and road patterns, will also give the road a slower feel.
  • Improvement of street amenity with 12 new street trees.  This supports the 30 km/h speed limit by giving the road a narrower, slower feeling.
  • Some parking needs to be removed to fit the trees.
  • Changes to parking on Salisbury Street, with two spaces removed to the east of Colombo Street to accommodate the new bus stop.
  • Painted buffer cycle lanes with the removal of some parking.
  • Bus stops outside 853 Colombo Street will move to 833 Colombo Street.  Bus stop outside 121 Colombo Street will move to 139 Salisbury Street.
  • Cycle lane treatment at intersections to improve cycle safety, including cycle lanes and advanced stop boxes.
  • Kerb build-outs added to approaches to Peterborough Street to slow left-turning traffic, improve pedestrian safety and further narrow the street.
  • 30 km/h speed limit.  Kerb build-outs, street trees, cycle lane markings and road patterns, will also give the road a slower feel.
  • Extension of the 30 km/h speed limit on Peterborough Street, between Durham Street and Manchester Street, and new threshold treatments at Durham Street North and Manchester Street.
  • Retention of 21 on-street parking spaces from the 35 spaces currently available on this section of Colombo Street.
  • Introduction of design patterns around the Peterborough Street intersection to improve vibrancy and amenity.
  • Planting of 12 new street trees.
  • An amendment to the Ōtākaro Avon River Regeneration Plan(external link) to include a shared path on Colombo Street to connect to the Avon River Precinct shared path on Cambridge Terrace.
  • P120 Parking restrictions to the four car parks on the east side of Colombo Street, P5 parking for the one car park adjacent to the Town Hall on the west side of Colombo Street and the creation of three mobility spaces.
  • Two new street trees to be planted, along with an area of landscaping planting on the east side.

Come and talk to us

Salvation Army, red room, 853 Colombo Street, Christchurch
Monday 5 October 2020
Drop in at any time between 4.30 pm  to 6.00 pm
Off street parking for cars and bikes is available in the Salvation Army car park off Colombo Street.  

Decision-making process

For this project, there will be a hearings panel with at least three members made up of elected members from the Council and Community Board.

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The panel will then listen to any submitters who have indicated they would like to speak about the proposal.  It will then make a recommendation to the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board and the Urban Development and Transport Committee, who will make the final decision on the plan.

All submitters will receive written updates on the project, including details of the staff recommendations, meetings and details on speaking to the hearings panel.

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