It’s time for a playground refresh.

Project status: Analysis & reporting
Open for feedback: 9th October 2019 - 6th November 2019
09 Oct 2019

Radley playground existing equipmentThe play equipment at the Radley Playground on Radley Street is nearing the end of its useable lifespan — it dates back to the mid-1980s. It’s time to get some new equipment for a range of ages and abilities that’s safe, easy to maintain and meets the New Zealand Playground Standards.

Better access to the playground via a new sealed path connecting to the existing path, a new picnic table and new plants, will create a more inviting area for families and picnicking.

A little bit of history

Radley aquariumThe area that is now Radley Playground used to be part of Troutdale Farm, where Andrew Mensal Johnson bred the first brown trout in New Zealand.

The farm was a popular picnic area until it closed in the early 1930s and a number of the original trees remain in the park today.

There is a plaque along the Heathcote riverbank that commemorates Andrew Mensal Johnson.

New equipment

We’ve picked equipment that allows for a range of play and is suitable for both the park setting and the local community.


Please tell us your preference between two swing options

Option A - Two infant swings and two regular swings

Option B - One basket swing, one infant swing and one regular swing.



The single wave slide is small enough for a grown-up to reach up and help the littlest sliders.

Radley Single wave slide

Climbing carousel

The climbing carousel suits a wide range of ages and abilities. Children can sit or lie in the bottom basket and be spun around, or they can see how high they can climb up the carousel.

Radley Climbing Carousel


A new single see-saw replaces the current double see-saw.

Radley See saw

Fish rocker

The fish rocker is ideal for smaller children who enjoy rocking. The fun character shape helps spark their imagination. The fish rocker has been chosen as a link to the history of the park as part of Troutdale Farm.

Radley fish rocker

Next steps

Once the consultation period has closed, the project team will analyse the feedback and produce a report which will make recommendations to the Waikura/Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board.  At this stage, we are expecting a decision from the board sometime in February 2020. 

If you provide feedback you will receive an update ahead of the decision meeting. It will include the staff recommendations to the board, details about the decision meeting and how to request to speak to the board if you wish to do so.

If approved, construction of the playground is expected to start in May/June 2020, subject to weather conditions and contractor availability.

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