Rates payments may be postponed for any ratepayer aged 65 years or over. Younger ratepayers may also qualify in cases of extreme financial hardship. Postponement is effectively a loan from the council to the ratepayer, and a fee will be charged each year.

Apply for rates postponement

Download and complete a rates postponement application form. Applications should be in writing, and either emailed or posted to the addresses shown on the application form.

Ratepayers aged 65 or over will automatically qualify, provided that the property is their primary place of residence.  Younger applicants will need to include sufficient information to demonstrate financial hardship.

It is important to understand that postponement is effectively a loan from Council to you, and over time the amount lent (including compounding annual fees) may significantly reduce your equity in the property.  You should consider seeking independent financial advice prior to applying.

Our Rates Postponement Policy is intended to help owner-occupiers, particularly those on a fixed income, to continue living in their homes when they do not have the financial capacity to to pay their rates, or where payment would create financial hardship.

Up to 100% of all rates charges may be postponed, including arrears owing from previous financial years.

If your postponement is approved:

  • we may put a formal charge over the property, similar to a mortgage
  • rates charges will continue to accrue, but will no longer be payable on the normal due dates
  • no late payment penalties will be applied, however, an annual fee will be added at the end of each rating year to recover our interest and administration costs.

All postponed amounts, including the added annual fees, will become payable when the property is sold or no longer used as the applicant's primary place of residence (or, for younger applicants, if they regain the financial ability to pay).