Christchurch City Council believes vibrant and thriving business districts are important to having strong and successful communities.

Apply for the Business Improvement District Grant

Download and complete a Business Improvement District Grant application form.

Before applying for a Business Improvement District grant, please make sure you: 

  • read the BID Grant Fund Guidelines carefully
  • prepare required information such as budgets, business plan, and communications plans
  • have all required supporting information

Interesting and successful business districts help make Christchurch a great place to live and visit and strengthen the distinctive lifestyle, qualities and identity we share.

The Council's Business Improvement District (BID) programme enables businesses to lead local initiatives to improve their business environment. 

The Council has grant funding available to help establish business district improvements throughout Christchurch. Your business association can use this funding to progress towards establishing your own Business Improvement District (BID) programme.

You can apply for funding for initiatives like: 

  • Developing unique branding for your business district
  • Building a website to connect with businesses in your area and to attract people to your business area
  • Building the membership of your business association
  • Developing a strategic plan that moves your business association towards establishing a Business Improvement District (BID)