The arts are important in strengthening the city and communities. Arts advisors are available to provide advice and are interested in fostering partnerships and collaborative projects.

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Toi Ō Tautahi

Toi Ōtautahi – Strategy for the Arts and Creativity in Ōtautahi Christchurch 2019-2024

Live performance in Christchurch

Mā te pohewa mā te auaha hoki, ka whakapuaki ngā kura e huna ana.

With imagination and creativity, a hidden jewel can be revealed.

Toi Ōtautahi/Christchurch Arts is a first for the arts in New Zealand.

It is a new kind of partnership strategy, co-created and to be co-owned with the arts sector and major funding agencies, including

Our goal is to create an environment where creative people want to live and produce work by positioning our city as a place where experimentation and artistic risk-taking are supported.

The strategy outlines a number of ways that our city can support the growth and development of our local arts sector and attract national and international artists to Christchurch.

The result will bring wide benefits to Christchurch by activating and bringing life to the city, improving our people’s sense of wellbeing and identity, attracting visitors and boosting the economy.

Along with our key supporters, we’re working with the arts community and education sector. It’s a collaborative process, and we want you to be involved.

Christchurch City Council is committed to achieving an enlivened and creative city, where the arts are recognised as being essential to cultural and social well-being.

Pou hihiri
Pou rarama 
Pou o te whakaaro
Pou o te tangata
Pou o te aroha
Te Pou e here nei I a tatou  
Mauri ora ki a tatou
Haumi e
Hui e
Taiki e
May clarity be yours
May understanding be yours
Through reflection
Through personal endeavour
Through respect
The virtues which bind us as one
May we be filled with wellbeing

Toi Ōtautahi – Strategy for the Arts and Creativity in Ōtautahi Christchurch 2019–2024 [PDF, 592 KB] aims to support the development of local artists, generate new opportunities for employment and artistic expression and participation, as well as improving the quality of the built environment through public arts.

Arts advisors are available to provide advice and assistance to artists, arts organisations and the wider community, and are interested in fostering partnerships and collaborative projects.

Council provides a range of funding mechanisms to support arts and cultural projects, creative organisations and businesses, including: 

The Council is committed to local Māori arts practice and language development.

Māori arts celebrate our unique past and are making an invaluable contribution to the city’s rebuild. Council has legislated responsibilities to Māori which includes ensuring there are opportunities for Māori to participate in public life.

Promoting and developing traditional and contemporary Māori arts practices and language in Ōtautahi Christchurch is an important component of this and is given effect through Council’s Arts Policy and Strategy.

Arts and culture have a major role to play in the rebuild and revitalisation of our city.

Creative life is being brought back to the central city with a number of anchor projects in the central city that will draw on the rich natural and cultural heritage of the city, and provide Christchurch with world-class facilities, including:

Council is also encouraging developers to enhance significant building work underway in the city through a hoarding rebate scheme.