It is your responsibility to make sure you apply to renew your Manager's Certificate before it expires. If your certificate expires you will need to apply for a new Manager's Certificate.

Renew your Manager's Certificate

Download and complete a Manager's Certificate (Renewal) application form.

Renewal application questionnaire

Along with your application form, you will also need to complete and attach a renewal questionnaire [PDF, 5 KB].

If your records are on file within the Christchurch District you will be sent a renewal application form, questionnaire, and invoice before your certificate expires. This will be sent to the last postal address the Council’s Alcohol Licensing Team has for you.

It is your responsibility to make sure your renewal application (which must also include the completed questionnaire and fee payment) is received on time.

You must be currently employed and working at a licenced preemies or actively seeking looking for work in the industry (e.g. temporarily in between jobs)

Working as a Duty Manager - Separate from you certificate renewal, please double check with your employer that they have maintained a record of your Duty Manager Appointment(external link) for your place of work.

Renewal period and expiry of manager's certificates

Your Manager's Certificate cannot be renewed after it has expired. If your certificate expires, you will need to apply for a new one and your application will be dealt with as a new application. Note: All application fees are non refundable.

If you have received a conviction since your Manager's Certificate was last renewed or issued, the Alcohol Licensing Inspector and Police may require a shortened renewal period and/or a suspension of your licence.

Payment of Fees

View Alcohol licensing fees [PDF, 1.6 MB]. The fees for processing your application are non-refundable and must be paid when you apply for your licence. 

Most fees are set by the regulations.  However, any fees set by Council may be subject to annual review and any changes take effect on 1 July each year.

Payments can be made by: Cash, Cheque, or EFTPOS.

For other payment options please contact directly a Technical Officer in the Alcohol Licensing Team to discuss and for more information, ph 03 941 8999 or .

NB: We can only process your applications once we have both the Proof of Payment of fees and the required paperwork (application form and required documents).

View a summary of this page on the Alcohol licensing fees information sheet [PDF, 1.6 MB]. [PDF, 1.6 MB]

LCQ certificates issued before January 2014 – Bridging Test no longer available

If you are currently renewing of your Manager's Certificate for the first time under the 2012 Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act, or are currently on a Limited Interim Renewal Certificate, you need to have already completed the Bridging Test by 1 February 2017. 

The Service IQ Bridging Test was only offered as an option until the end of January 2017 and is no longer available. If you have failed to complete the Bridging Test you will have to complete the new LCQ course in full.

They will still be offering the new LQC under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol  Act 2012.

Any questions about the Bridging Test or LCQ should be made directly to Service IQ (external link)at 0800 863 693.