276 Westminster Street - demolition


Demolition works at 276 Westminster Street, and site remediation.


Enabling works for the Westminster Park Development Project which includes landscaping at 276 and 278 Westminster Street, Mairehau, to provide open road frontage and views into the park.


276 Westminster Street, Mairehau.


July 2022. Monday to Friday, 7:30am to 6pm (weather/site condition dependent).


The contractor is Taggart. Phone 03 323 7085, Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.


Work includes:

  • Demolition of Flat 1 and 2 at 276 Westminster Street, Mairehau.
  • Removal of all hard surfaces (such as driveway and paths).
  • Removal of all waste.
  • Disconnection and termination of all services to buildings.
  • Vegetation clearance. This excludes the large Eucalyptus and Palm tree at the rear of the site which will remain.
  • Removal of boundary fencing and replacement with timber bollards and cable.
  • Site remediation including relevelling of the site and laying grass seed.

Another contract is in place for similar works at the neighbouring site, 278 Westminster Street. A landscape plan for both sites will be developed and implemented in the future.