St Davids Street - pipe renewal



We are planning to start work replacing the aging and damaged stormwater pipes and connecting stormwater structures on St Davids Street and Reserve Terrace.


The current stormwater pipe has reached the end of its useful lifespan and needs to be replaced. The Council replaces and repairs stormwater pipes that have reached the end of its design or useful lifespan, This is to ensure they are safe and work effectively.


The stormwater pipe connects the stormwater network between Reserve Terrace and St Davids Street. Works are adjacent to number 14 St Davids Street Lyttelton extending through private property to adjacent 36 Reserve Terrace, Lyttelton.


Works will start on the 20th November 2023 and are expected to take 3 months to complete. Monday to Saturday, 7.00am to 6.00pm (weather/site condition dependent).


The contractor is West Roads Ltd trading as Trenching Dynamix. Phone 03 381 1771, Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 5.30pm. If you have any specific property access requirements, such as medical visits, home help, large vehicle deliveries, or planned works, please let the contractor know as soon as possible.


Impacts on traffic 

  • Important Update - Reserve Terrace will be closed from #13 Reserve Terrace/ Randolph Terrace to #65 Reserve Terrace to all traffic with residence access only. The closure will start from 6am Monday 11 December 2023 until 6 pm Friday 15 December 2023.
  • St Davids Street will be closed from #6 St Davids Street to #24 St Davids Street to all traffic with residence access only. The closure will start from 6am Monday 20th of November 2023 until 6 pm Friday 8th December 2023.
  • Traffic management will be in place and detours will be clearly signposted.
  • Resident access to properties along St Davids Street and Reserve Terrace will be maintained for the duration of the works.
  • Traffic management staff will be available to help direct residents and business owners to their properties within the work area. Please contact us in advance if you have specific access needs, we need to be aware of.
  • Pedestrian access to footpaths will be always maintained with detours in place from time to time. Please follow signage.

Impacts of work 

  • There will be increased noise, dust, and vibration from the use of machinery for activities such as saw cutting, soil excavation, and laying of new storm water pipes.
  • On-street parking will be affected where we are working. Cones will indicate where parking will not be available.
  • Property access will be maintained where possible. We will work with businesses and residents during the work. Please let us know if you have any specific property access needs e.g. medical visits, home help, large vehicle deliveries or planned works.