Cashmere Valley Dam



We are constructing an earth dam, bypass structure, pathways and landscape planting to increase flood storage capacity in the valley.


The dam will provide additional storage capacity to help alleviate flooding along the Ōpāwaho River.


The dam is being constructed in Cashmere Valley between McVicar Drive and Shalamar Drive.


3 October 2022 to late November 2023. Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm (weather/site condition dependent).


The contractor is GSL. Phone Dean Ewen on 027 403 0499, Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm or email


Works to date

Construction work has been progressing since September 2022. Construction of the dam has reached full height across much of it’s length and the majority of the bulk earthworks have been completed. The control structure which will house the control gate has been completed and the Cashmere Valley Drain now flows through the structure. Boardwalks have been installed at key path crossing locations and some paths have been constructed. Approximately 20,000 native plants have been installed on site with work continuing through Winter.

Below is a photo showing progress to early June 2023.

Road works

Currently work has been progressing on tieing in the dam in with the McVicar Drive road.

As the road was constructed the design allowed for lime stabilised dam core material to be placed within the road construction so that McVicar Drive would not have to be dug up when the dam was constructed.

Unfortunately, the road design at the intersection between McVicar Drive and Round Hill Rise was changed from a T-intersection to a roundabout, and the dam core material only extends to the centre of the roundabout. This meant that the north side of the roundabout had to be excavated to tie in with the in-situ core material beneath the road.

This work has been completed and the traffic management will be removed as soon as possible. The final surfacing will be happening over the next few days weather permitting.

Works still to be completed

  • Remainder of the earthworks to bring the dam to full height across the whole length
  • Completion of access paths
  • Completion of landscape planting
  • Installation of control gate, actuator and electrical control cabinet
  • Final reinstatement of McVicar Drive and shared path