The Court Theatre - construction


The Court Theatre’s new home in the heart of Christchurch.


To secure a long-term home for The Court Theatre within Christchurch’s Performing Arts Precinct.


The Court Theatre, Corner Colombo and Gloucester Streets, CBD.


Late January 2023 to late December 2024. Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm (weather/site condition dependent).


The contractor is Hawkins. Phone Craig Greene on 027 322 4589, Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm.


The Construction of The Court Theatre is about to get underway.

The work includes securing the worksite boundary, installing inground services within the road and the construction and fit-out of the building.

Works will typically be sequenced as follows:  

  • Firstly, from late January, site hoardings will be relocated into the road corridor and infrastructure connections within the road corridor will be carried out. In parallel, the gravel raft excavation will commence to enable the buildings foundations to be constructed. The pouring of concrete will be completed over a number of days and the exact timing will be communicated to close neighbours closer to the activity commencing.
  • Then, the buildings superstructure will be erected, with precast concrete panels, steel and large timber elements all forming part of the building core. The superstructure will commence in the southwest corner of the site and progress in phases working clockwise and anticlockwise around the central main theatre.
  • As the superstructure erection progresses, the roof will be installed then the trades (services, carpentry, façade etc.) will begin their works as the site allows.
  • Once the building is enclosed fit-out works will commence including a significant amount of technical theatre equipment, kitchen and loose equipment.
  • The Court Theatre will commence their move once the fit-out has been completed.

Work impacts:

  • The removal of on-street carparks along Colombo and Gloucester Streets adjacent to the site, to enable safe working areas around all elevations of the building.
  • Heavy Traffic movements are planned to enter the site on Colombo St from the north and exit onto Gloucester St and travel East. The majority of heavy vehicle movement will occur in the first 9 to 12 months with the foundation and structure construction.
  • Noise will be monitored at all times, with noise meters at two locations on the boundary. We are very conscious of our neighbours’ individual needs and requirements. At times, there may be noisier periods, in particular when the steel structure is bolted together. Further communications will be made prior to this time.
  • Dust suppression measures will be implemented within the site boundary to mitigate impacts and nuisance to the public and neighbouring properties.