A resident's parking permit can make it easier for residents to park outside their own property.

It is not the Council's responsibility to provide on-street parking where the amount of off-street parking is insufficient for the number of vehicles at a property. 

We will consider installing a resident's parking area outside your property if:

  • there is no off-street parking at all on your property and
  • there is no space on the property that could be converted to off-street parking and 
  • there is no private parking within a reasonable distance that could be used and
  • there are no other traffic engineering matters that would exclude this, such as parking meters.

If you meet the above conditions you may apply for a resident's parking permit to display in your vehicle.

The Council determine whether a permit and/or a reserved parking area will be issued.

Applying for a resident parking area

To apply for a new residents parking area to be installed the property owner is required to write to Council with the following information:

  • property owners full name and contact address
  • the address of the property that the residents parking area will apply to
  • any tenants full name and address who may be entitled to a permit
  • a copy of a rental agreement, rate demand, or similar official type of document confirming that you own/live at that address (including tenants)
  • The registration plate number of the vehicles.

To apply, please write to

The Senior Parking Support Officer
Transport Operations Unit
PO Box 73010 
Christchurch 8154.

Please note that you cannot get a permanent park for a business.


The cost and annual renewal fee is $54.00 (non-transferable and non-refundable).

If you are a permit holder, you will be sent a letter prior to the time to renew your permit, towards the end of June of each year. Details on how to obtain this permit are in the letter.

To report a non-authorised vehicle parked in a residents parking area, please contact us on (03) 941 8999.