Parking fines are issued when drivers fail to display their parking receipt or they overstay the time they paid for.

Pay and Display

If you fail to exhibit the receipt on the dashboard of your vehicle, the infringement fee for this offence is $40.00

Infringement fees

At parking meters or designated parking areas, fines for excess parking are:

  • Under 30 minutes - $12
  • 30 minutes to 1 hour - $15
  • 1 hour to 2 hours - $21
  • 2 hours to 4 hours - $30
  • 4 hours to 6 hours - $42
  • More than 6 hours - $57

What to do if your car is towed away

The Police hold a record of every vehicle that is towed by Council, including those from bus lanes, and they will be able to confirm whether your vehicle has been removed. Council uses Parks Towing, please phone (03) 366 7615 to arrange recovery. The Council does not clamp vehicles.

Ways to pay

There are many ways to pay for your parking ticket(external link).