Sharing your ride can be a fun and sociable way to start and end your working day. Carpoolers share the costs of driving, so the more people who travel together the cheaper it gets.

By carpooling with others in your neighbourhood who work near you, you can help to reduce congestion and pollution.

The first step is to find people to carpool with. If you already know people who are keen, start by discussing it with them.

Once you’ve got your group sorted, make sure you exchange cellphone numbers so you can contact each other if plans change. 

Staying safe

If you are carpooling with people you don’t know:

  • Meet potential carpool partners in a public place before carpooling with them to see if you will be happy to travel together.
  • Tell someone else who you carpool with and how to contact them.
  • If you don’t want to reveal where you live, arrange to be picked up and dropped off somewhere nearby.
  • If you don’t want to walk home from a drop-off point in the dark, make arrangements in advance so that you don’t have to.