The Christchurch Transport Strategic Plan 2012-2042 is a 30 year vision for transport within the city, adopted by the Council in late 2012.

A picture of cyclists, a car and some buses sharing the road

Inside you’ll find information on proposals for traffic, freight, cycling, public transport and walking. You’ll also find information on what’s being planned in your neighbourhood.

Christchurch Transport Strategic Plan [PDF 5MB]

Christchurch Transport Strategic Plan Technical Appendices [PDF 1MB] 

Transport business case

The Case for Change is the strategic and programme business cases for transport in Christchurch. The Strategic and Programme Cases have been prepared in accordance with the principles outlined in the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) Business Case guidelines.

The aim of the Strategic and Programme Business Cases is to identify the key problems facing the Council transport system and to determine the significance of these challenges to inform future investment decisions.

The Strategic and Programme Business Cases have been developed collaboratively, with input from Environment Canterbury (ECan), Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ), NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) and Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB). It forms part of a wider suite of documents which together outline the Council's case for investment.

The Case for Change - Transport Business Case [PDF 2.1MB]

Strategic Assessment Report - Transport System [PDF 924KB]

Programme Business Case - Transport System [PDF 4.1MB]

Future plans for Christchurch transport

There are a number of roading and transport projects happening in and around Christchurch City to ensure traffic is managed and to accommodate an increase in commuters.

Infrastructure is being repaired and rebuilt on a massive scale in Christchurch. As well as being challenging for day to day travel it has provided the opportunity to bring forward planned changes.

Stronger Christchurch infrastructure rebuild

The Council and New Zealand Government, through the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT), are repairing earthquake-damaged roads and underground services.

You can find a prioritised programme of work for the rebuild on the SCIRT website.

City and district plans

The Christchurch City Plan is a plan which guides the way Christchurch is developed. The City Plan also lists roading designations which illustrate sections of road subject to road widening and new roading work. Take a look at the Christchurch City Plan Volume Three, Part 12 for more information on designations. 

Capital works programme

Each year the Council sets out a programme of capital work as part of its annual budget process. You can see what capital work is being planned for streets in your part of town by looking through the latest Annual Plan or the Long Term Plan.

Christchurch cycle design guidelines

The Christchurch Cycle Design Guidelines [PDF 3.46MB] illustrate how cycleways in Christchurch should be designed. They include recommended design principles and concepts of how cycleways can fit into different types of street environments. This document goes hand-in-hand with the Christchurch Transport Strategic Plan that highlights the importance of catering for cycling in the city rebuild.

Further information

The Christchurch Transport Strategic Plan, the Operative Christchurch City Plan and the Long Term Plan demonstrate changes to the transport network that may affect your property or neighbourhood. Should you wish further clarification on any matters you have uncovered in your search, please call 03 941 8999. The documents listed above are available at Council libraries for your reference, but the most up to date versions are available on the web-links provided.

State Highways, even when they are within Christchurch City, are looked after by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA). You can find information on State Highway projects on the NZTA website