The Council is developing a master plan to help determine the future of Queen Elizabeth II Park and how it will be used. The goal is to make sure the environment and buildings are connected and the area works well for the community.

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While some features are already set in stone, including the new $38.6 million Taiora: QEII Recreation and Sport Centre, an area leased to the Christchurch School of Gymnastics, and the land set aside for the combined Shirley Boys High and Avonside Girls’ High school campus, a vision for rest of the park is yet to be decided.

Funding gained from land sold to the Ministry of Education in 2016 for the new school campus has been set aside for the redevelopment and implementation of the plan.

A Council project team is assessing some initial feedback from the community, and a draft master plan will go out for full consultation when it is complete.

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The draft Master Plan is being developed now and the public will be consulted later in 2018 before a final plan is adopted.