The Christchurch City Council adopted its Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP) 2009-19 on 30 June 2009, setting out a 10-year budget that includes building and renewing key infrastructure.

Amendment to LTCCP 2009-19

Volume 1

LTCCP 2009-19 Volume 1 [PDF 6.6MB]

Cover [PDF 143KB]
Cautionary note [PDF 31KB]
Our vision [PDF 31KB]
Table of contents [PDF 54KB]
Introduction from the Mayor and Chief Executive [PDF 129KB]
Audit report (amended 22 June 2010) [PDF 96KB]
Audit report [PDF 108KB]
We have listened [PDF 133KB]
Changes from draft to final [PDF 112KB]
Major initiatives [PDF 155KB]
Highlights [PDF 418KB]
Your Council [PDF 310KB]
Community outcomes [PDF 90KB]
Council activities and services [PDF 2.52MB]
Financial forecasts [PDF 304KB]
Planned capital programme [PDF 259KB]

Volume 2

LTCCP 2009-19 Volume 2 [PDF 5.3MB]

Cover [PDF 150KB]
Table of contents [PDF 40KB]
Assessment of various services [PDF 220KB]
Financial policies [PDF 1.4MB]
Development Contributions Policy 2009-19 [PDF 1.4MB]
Policy on determining significance [PDF 220KB]
Council controlled organisations [PDF 198KB]

Capital Works Programme 2009-10

Cycleways Improvement Programme [PDF 11KB]
Footpath and Cycleway Renewals & Replacements Programme 2009/10 [PDF 15KB]
Road Network Renewals & Replacements Programme 2009/10 [PDF 15KB]
Streets Renewal Programme [PDF 16KB]