City Council land and property information services fees and charges for 2024/2025.

  • Fees and charges set under section 150 of the Local Government Act 2002 or other relevant legislation (e.g. Dog Control Act 1990, Building Act 2004, Food Act 2014, etc.).
  • GST inclusive (15%).

Land Information Memoranda (LIM)

A LIM a report issued under the Section 44A of the LGOIMA that summarises all information the Council knows about the property (including consents, licenses, outstanding charges, rateable value) and the surrounding area.

It is recommended to obtain a LIM on a property before you purchase. Our working days are Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.


  Delivery time (working days) Pricing
Standard LIM(external link) 10 working days Residential: $290
Commercial: $435
Fast Track LIM(external link)  5 working days Residential: $390
Commercial: $535
Cancellation fee   $50.00


Property file services

The Council holds a range of documents and report (plans, historic consents, certificates, PIMs, LIMs) about all properties in the region.

All Christchurch property files(external link) are held in off-site storage and commercial ones can be consulted on-site.

File copies are available at a cost.

Item Average delivery time (working days) Fee
Digitised residential property file (hard copy conversion only) 3 to 5 days $65.00
Digitised residential property file (all electronic files) 3 to 5 days $30.00
Digitised commercial property file (all electronic files) 3 to 5 days $65.00
Commercial property file service (First hour) 3 to 5 days $64.50
Commercial property file service (after the first hour)   $36.00
Barcode queries (more then 3)   $9.00
Optional electronic scan of commercial property files (to be offset by the viewing fee) 3 to 5 days Actual costs recovered

Project Information Memoranda (PIM)

A project information memoranda (PIM)(external link) is a Council document issued under Section 31-35 of the Building Act 2004 that provides information about a property that is known to Council and that is relevant to a proposed building project.

It also advises on whether other authorisations are required for your project, such as resource consent.

Item Delivery time (working days) Pricing
Residential 20 days statutory time

$360 (deposit only)

Commercial / Industrial 20 days statutory time

$485 (deposit only)

Drainage plans

 A drainage plan from the Council will show the pipelines and waterways on, or flowing from a property. Refer to the city water and waste fees schedule for drainage plan fees.


The above delivery times are indicative only.